PEAR's Social-Emotional Development Work 

PEAR Impact

The PEAR Institute has developed a comprehensive approach to building school or program capacity, support systems, and a common language around social-emotional development so students can learn, dream and thrive in school and afterschool settings.  PEAR Impact is The PEAR Institute's initiative that focuses on social-emotional development.


PEAR launched PEAR Impact in 2009 in order to improve learning environments, strengthen student-teacher relationships, and boost academic outcomes for all young people. Drawing from research findings and over 15 years of direct service experience in school and afterschool settings, PEAR Impact brings to the field certificate training and assessment tools that integrate development, mental health, and education so that professionals in a variety of settings can better understand, recognize and respond to young people.


PEAR Impact's services include:

The Clover Model of Youth Development

The Clover Model highlights four essential elements that people of all ages need in order to thrive, learn, and develop: Active Engagement; Assertiveness; Belonging; and Reflection.

The Holistic Student Assessment

The Holistic Student Assessment (HSA) is a tool developed by PEAR to help schools tailor services to better support the social and emotional well-being of students in school and afterschool settings. 

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