The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience is a nonprofit organization created to promote innovation in education. Based on a belief that high-quality programming can build youth social-emotional resiliency and contribute to school and life success, Dr. Gil G. Noam founded the institute in 1999 as a collaboration between the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Medical School before relocating to McLean Hospital.


The PEAR Institute takes a developmental approach to the study of new models of effective educational programming and incorporates educational, health, public policy, and psychological perspectives. Its programs and projects are a part of a number of schools and afterschool programs across the United States and internationally. Our staff is comprised of experienced psychiatrists, social workers, instructional specialists, school and classroom teachers, former school and out-of-school time (OST) administrators. PEAR partners with school districts, out-of-school-time programs and youth-serving organizations to promote social-emotional development in the service of student engagement, academic achievement, and life success.


PEAR has created an integrated student support system that includes tools and services, all based on scientific research. All educational settings can use these tools to better understand the non-academic picture of their students.



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